I wanted to write a few words about the postal survey on marriage law currently underway in Australia. As an Australian, our country and our government do so many things that make me ashamed as a citizen; the poverty of our indigenous population, the inhumane treatment of refugees on Manus Island, and the maniacal desire […]
Everyone gets the same set of tools Something that had long puzzled me was the question “Why do some people [in the organisation] have root, and others do not?” It seemed to me that the reason the sysadmins had the root passwords, and everyone else had to raise tickets, was a tooling problem. Giving everyone […]
In September i’ll be speaking about Go at events in Russia and Taiwan. DevFest Siberia 2017, September 23rd and 24th I’ve been accepted to give two presentations at the GDG Novosibirsk DevFest Siberia 2017 event in Russia. High performance servers without the event loop Conventional wisdom suggests that the key to high performance servers are native threads, […]
Is Go Lang worth learning or not? I wanted to know. These were my steps for making (up) and answer. It was a rough but short road for me. I determined that I like it and that determination shocked me. It totally went against my intuition (which proves nothing). My wrong-ness surprised and delighted me. … Continue reading "(Go Lang) The Ultimate Programmer Chef Language Or If You Read One Article About Go Then Read This One"
The Lear Siegler ADM-3A terminal is a very important artefact in computing history. If you want to know why your shell abbreviates $HOME to ~, it’s because of the label on the ~ key on the ADM-3A. If you want to know why hjkl are the de facto cursor keys in vi, look at the symbols above the […]
This is an experience report about the use of, and difficulties with, the context.Context facility in Go. Many authors, including myself, have written about the use of, misuse of, and how they would change, context.Context in a future iteration of Go. While opinions differs on many aspects of context.Context, one thing is clear–there is almost unanimous agreement that […]
Go by Example Example It has it package main import "fmt" // Go supports methods defined on struct types. type rect struct { width, height int } // This area method has a receiver type of *rect. func (r *rect) area() int { return r.width * r.height } // Methods can be defined for either … Continue reading "(Go Lang) Methods (GBEN)"